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Our products are created to optimize conversion experiences and increase revenue. We understand that every company has different digital marketing needs, which is why we offer a variety of products and services: Funnel Assessments, Data Landscape Reports, Growth Plans, Single-Channel Growth Plans, and Consulting & Training.

We don't use a single software to create these reports, they're actually built off of assessing key data points from software you're already using. Software is great, but just having the data doesn't make it actionable. We connect the dots for you. Our proprietary reports focus specifically on information that can increase revenue. We provide these growth reports in a turn-key format so your internal team can execute. No monthly retainers, just unbiased data on your converting customers and an actionable strategy.

Here’s the thing: If you don’t want to work with us, we’re not going to try and convince you. We’re a bunch of marketing and data nerds that celebrate every optimized conversion (and boy have we seen a lot). We live for our work and focus on transparency, education, and quality services. We also happen to think we’re pretty funny. Some people may not want hilarious, driven, down to earth and successful marketers and data nerds to empower them to increase their conversions. And some people do. Enter: The Digital Opportunists.

That’s cool, we do too. But you’re checking out our website which means you have a feeling that maybe you’re not getting the most out of your data. Schedule a free 15-minute consultation. We’ll take a look and if you have a solid handle on your strategy, we’ll celebrate you and send you on your way.

Yes! We offer an analytics installation and optimization service ($349) which includes the setup of all of your analytics accounts. Once we’ve implemented this, we’ll schedule a regroup for 6 months out. If you’d like to move forward with any of our additional services, we’ll credit you the $349* from the installation.

*Does not apply for Funnel Assessments.

If you have any customers, our scans offer guidance on which digital channels are already providing those conversions so we can create a strategy that magnifies those conversions. However, we recommend starting with a funnel assessment if you feel like your audience or data pool isn’t enough.

We also offer an analytics installation and optimization service ($349) so that you’re ready when those customers begin to funnel in. This service includes the setup of all of your analytics accounts. Once we’ve implemented this, we’ll schedule a regroup for 6 months out. If you’d like to move forward with any of our additional services, we’ll credit you the $349* from the installation.

*Does not apply for Funnel Assessments.

*Does not apply for Funnel Assessments.

We want to help you make more money. If you + your business fit into any of these criteria, schedule a discovery call:

Invested money, but aren't seeing results?
You’ve implemented a marketing plan, managed social channels and paid for ads, but aren’t seeing the results you expected. What gives? We’ll help you ID channels that are actually converting sales so you could improve your approach.

Revamped your strategy, but aren't sure where to focus?
Whether you have a team or are flying solo, sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day to perform a detailed multi-channel analysis. You want a cost-effective approach to help guide your efforts so we’ll help you identify the channels that maximize your revenue. And, what to do with them.

Performed a provisional scan elsewhere, but need to dive deeper?
You’re confident in your approach, but want to compile + condense disparate information across platforms into an actionable report right? Data from each sales channel provides a piece to your e-commerce puzzle. Our Full Funnel Assessments & Growth Plans provide a more complete picture by compiling all of that disconnected sales data into a detailed report. You’ve built the islands. Let us help you build the bridges that connect them.

OR, maybe you paid an agency & need an unbiased report?
You hired a team to handle your marketing, but you’re unsure how to review their performance or provide direction.


Either way: We get it. And we see it all the time. Our reports provide comprehensive performance overviews and identify areas for improvement or more focused attention.

It’s simple: you’ve invested resources into something that just isn’t working. We hear it all of the time from new clients. Key reasons why you should deep dive with us:

Measure and understand your analytics
Data analytics are incredibly useful but are totally useless without proper understanding + implementation. Sales data provides invaluable feedback that helps to optimize your strategy. Even if your company is already performing well, intelligently realigning investments + tweaking strategy help unlock unrealized potential.

Get actionable results
Regardless if a Full Funnel Assessment (scan) is all you need to see if you’re on trend or digging deeper into a growth plan to find the most attainable converting strategies, these reports identify the components that create the most sales conversions which lead to improved strategies. Even the best-performing teams benefit from an unbiased, data-backed performance assessment.

Optimize your sales channels
Each channel plays a role that contributes to your company’s overall goals. Our Full Funnel Assessments & Growth Plans analyze channel performance within the framework of the greater company’s performance. Ultimately, this improves the synergy among your sales channels to boost your company’s capability.

AND, make data-driven decisions
A comprehensive report provides critical information to embolden your decision-making process – helping you + your team understand where your company stands and how you can attainably move forward to scale.


It’s a combination of years of recognizing client budget reservations, our expertise in key conversion-focused areas of the marketing mix + months of research from top sources defining metrics, checklists + KPIs across website, ecommerce, UX/UI, content and brand marketing, email marketing and social media marketing to come up with a fully detailed, all-encompassing scorecard that informs our Full Funnel Assessment.

A Full Funnel Assessment is just that: a scan that identifies strengths and weaknesses across your full funnel strategy. This 100+ point analysis grades your current footprint against your key traffic data across UX/UI, SEO, Customer Experience, Content & Brand Alignment, Social Media + Email Marketing so that your team can make easy changes. These scans also include high-level recommendations with insight into key areas of improvement within your digital footprint.

Strategies are not included in the Full Funnel Assessment, but high-level recommendations are. The 100+ point checklist is written in such a way that each line item is rudimentary enough for you to take action on (based on the grade) each line item.

Our Growth Plan provides you with a clear understanding of who your top converting customers are, where they convert from and how they convert so that your marketing strategy can focus on connecting with more target customers at every level of your funnel. Our plans start with a deep dive into specific metadata points across your software and digital channels, they then connect the dots between platforms and provide a step by step plan to increase conversions throughout your funnel. Strategy and UX/UI mockups are provided for each assessed channel.

In short, our growth plan is like a blueprint to your house and our strategy includes swatches, and scope of work for each contractor involved. All you have to do, is execute.

A Growth Plan is a Full Funnel Assessment in its maturity that dives deep into your metadata, connects the dots, provides in-depth strategy as well as recommendations and visual samples across UX/UI, SEO, Customer Experience, Content & Brand Alignment, 2x Social Media Channels + Email Marketing. These insightful roadmaps are – at their core – hyper-detailed and easy-to-execute marketing plans to put your team on the smartest path to ROI.

So much YES! Our Growth Plans are insightful roadmaps that provide expert strategy + visual aides across UX/UI, SEO, Customer Experience, Content & Brand Alignment, 2x Social Media Channels + Email Marketing.

Full Funnel Assessments = Recommendations. Growth Plans = Strategy.

Both wildly different and incredibly helpful.

A Full Funnel Assessment is just that: a scan. This 100+ point analysis grades your current footprint, provides recommendations to optimize your funnel + offers recommendations for each channel.

A Growth Plan is a scan in its hyper-maturity that dives deep into your metadata, connects the dots between channels, provides in-depth strategy as well as content recommendations and visual samples of each part of your footprint. It’s, at its core, a hyper-detailed and easy-to-execute marketing plan for your team.

In short: Full Funnel Assessments = Recommendations. Growth Plans = Strategy.

Ah, if there was one software that could do it all! We review data with industry-leading software for each key area of the mix (sometimes backed by other software to triple check the findings!). And then, we connect the dots in an easy-to-execute roadmap for your team.

Hard pass. Yes, The Digital Opportunists is born from two agencies (High Tide Marketing & A Remote Collective), but we will never upsell services to any of our clients - because at the end of the day - selling our services is biased. And biased is not how we work.

However, if you need help implementing your Growth Plan or are looking to add a freelancer or small agency to your team, feel free to reach out and we’ll happily connect you to any of our 50+ partners whom we’ve had the pleasure (& big success) of working with!

No doubt e-commerce is filled with data – but so are service-based and call-to-convert websites. Our clients come from a variety of industries who have websites whose conversion events are anything from product sales, call-to-quote, service-based sales and more. As long as your website is at least 6 months old, you’ll have enough data to mine.


Marketing agencies come in all forms with a variety of services. If you’re searching for the answer to this question, the fact that you’re questioning them may be an answer enough. A good marketing agency will outline clear goals at the beginning of your contract and continue to keep you updated on those goals. Not all agencies are KPI-driven, but if they discussed increased sales, you should be able to track those numbers. And if you can’t do that, schedule a call with us.

This is a good question, especially since every business has specific needs. Our team has a combined 20+ years across the marketing gamut working alongside agencies, for global brands, and consultants to empower in-house teams. We always recommend going with a marketing agency that can show you specific case studies showing their success in relation to the services they’re offering you. All agencies (especially ones that expect you to sign up for 6+ months) should be able to show you metrics to prove their success with other clients.

Side bar: Stay tuned for the launch of our Case Studies page. If you’d like to see some unpublished case studies before we’ve had a chance to make them “pretty”, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

A growth strategy should have a few key components:

  • Your current channels and details about your current standing (followers, engagement rate, best/worst performing content, best/worst performing products, etc.).


  • It should outline what has been successful and what can be improved upon.


  • Then, there should be a 3 to 6 month plan outlining content, creative strategy, and sales across all digital channels.


  • Finally, there should be specific KPI’s set. What do you want to see happen over the updated strategy timeline: An increase in followers? Increased engagement? More email subscribers? Monitor these KPIs over the course of your strategy.

Once you have your goals outlined and your plan, start implementing!

We recommend a full assessment twice yearly (or every six months). This gives enough time to gather data from updated strategies. We do, however, also recommend that once your KPIs are set, you monitor those on a weekly and/or monthly basis so you can make small adjustments as necessary.



We’re people of our word. Which means: If we haven't answered your questions on our site, start picking your coffee order while you schedule a time to chat. We’ll Venmo you $5 at the beginning of our call for a well-deserved uplift while we dig deep, with you.

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